Matey – The Safe Connected Toy for Coloring and Gaming.

Matey is a smart-toy that adapts to the needs of your child by its expressions, movements and speaking abilities. It introduces your child to the digital world without replacing the real toy.

With Matey we redefine the concept of toys 🤖

By utilizing advantages of modern technology combined with classic educational concepts, we developed a smart-toy that uses the experiences of parents and experts around the globe to adapt to a child’s playing environment. We believe that children should not adjust to toys, but toys to children.

Matey knows that every child is unique 🦄

By being fully customisable, adaptive to your child’s playing environment and providing experiences of parents and experts all around the globe Matey ensures an enjoyable playing time for you and your kids.

Matey want to be your childs new friend.

  • What's Problem? 😞

    As we all know, our kids spend hours on playing games and watching videos on a 📱or tablets. Most of the times, we observe that playing with toys or other children is not so attractive anymore for our child. In addition, recent studies concluded that children spending hours on smartphones have high risk for physical and social problems.

  • What's Our Goal? 🌀

    Our goal is to develop a toy which is as attractive as a smartphone or a tablet. We succeed in developing a prototype of a toy called Matey. By connecting Matey to a smartphone or tablet, it is able to make several sounds and movements. In addition, this toy can give several real expressions.

    Matey could be a friend to our child, that will guide him during classic child activities including drawing or learning letters or numbers.

  • How It Works? 🔨

    By connecting Matey to the application, your child can choice the world that suites the best to their hobbies. They can play several games, quizes 🎲 or just read the letters with Matey together.

  • Who We Are? 😎

    We are a startup group consisting of young parents.