The Safe Connected Toy for Coloring and Gaming

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What’s Matey?

Matey is a smart-toy that adapts to the needs of your child by its expressions, movements and speaking abilities. It introduces your child to the digital world without replacing the real toy.

“Matey connects with your child through a simple toy”



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Matey’s Worlds

Matey consist of several worlds such as: world of coloring, world of numbers and letters, world of singing and poetry, worls of animals and cars, world of movies and music and many more.

By connecting Matey to the application, your child can choice the world that suites the best to their hobbies.

They can play several games, quizes or just read the letters with Matey together.

Coloring with Matey

One of Matey’s abilities is to support your child during painting on a cellphone or tablet. This toy helps your childe to match and combine the colors in a proper way.

By connecting Matey to the Matey application, parents can choose the role of Matey that best suits the need of their child. They can choose from different roles such as a friend, a teacher or a narrator. Matey has the ability of changing colors, voices, and movements.

“Children learn while playing with Matey”

Matey is safe and trustworthy

Matey is a trustworthy friend for children and a member of your family and it has been equipped with the latest technology in privacy protection. that is why we excluded features like recording audio and video and we did not attached any cameras of microphones.

“Matey actively reduces the harmful focus that Children put on tablet and mobile screens by distracting them time to time”

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